By: Chris Cucoch

BBQ Safety Tips You Should Know

Tags: Home Care, BBQ Safety

According to a recent study, the average homeowner pays more attention to kitchen stove safety than they do BBQ safety. But, the fact is, a BBQ mishap can be just as devastating. So, it pays to know the latest safety tips.   Keep BBQs at least 8 feet away from your house. Check for venture tube blockages regularly. (Spiders are notorious for spinning webs in there.) Clean the grill freque...Read More

By: Chris Cucoch

What Do Interior Designers Do?

Tags: Home Care, Interior Design

If you want to transform a room into something that’s functional, beautiful and perfectly matched to your taste, then you might want to hire an interior designer. It’s an interior designer’s job to come up with imaginative ideas that will wow you. It’s a myth that interior designers just deal with paint colours, décor and furnishings. In fact, according to the Inte...Read More

By: Chris Cucoch

Painting Techniques that Bring a Hallway to Life

Tags: Home Care, Painting

Some people don’t give hallways much thought when painting and decorating. Instead, they focus on rooms.   The fact is, a great looking hallway can have the same, if not more, impact than the most eye-catching family room or bedroom, especially when you need to go through the hallway to get there!   Here are some painting tips that can bring a dull hallway to life: Paint the hal...Read More

By: Chris Cucoch

Going Green in Your Garden or Flower Bed

Tags: Home Care, Green, Gardening

There has been a lot of emphasis lately on the importance of “going green”. That simply means being environmentally-responsible. You likely already recycle, use energy-efficient lights, and turn down your thermostat when no one is home.   Yet, most of us don’t think about the garden or flower bed when we “think green”.   We should. Here are a few practical t...Read More

By: Chris Cucoch

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Everything

Tags: Home Care, Insurance

When you suffer damage to, (or the loss of), your home or its contents, you expect your insurance company to help you out. And, most do a good job of doing just that. Still, it’s a good idea to review your policy with your insurance advisor and find out what’s covered and what isn’t. You don’t want to discover that your policy will not cover the cost of repairing the damag...Read More

By: Chris Cucoch

The Magic of Decorative Moulding

Tags: Home Care, Moulding

Decorative moulding is one of the most eye-catching ways to upgrade a room. You’re probably accustomed to seeing standard baseboard moulding installed where your floor meets the wall. But, there are many other types. For example: • Crown moulding for ceilings. • Panel moulding for a southern colonial look. • Chair rail moulding, which is very distinctive on walls. • Apro...Read More

By: Chris Cucoch

How Long Will Your Home Appliances Last?

Tags: Appliances, Care, Tips

If you’re paying a lot of money for a new washing machine, wouldn’t it be nice to know how long you should expect it to last? There is, of course, no exact formula for figuring that out. Every brand and unit is different. There are however, some broad estimates. According to an article in Consumer Reports, a washer and dryer will hum along just fine for about 10 years, with a lik...Read More